22:00 - July 31, 2021

Bulgaria, 8200 Pomorie
17-19 Europe Str., Tel.: +359 899 957 602
E-mail: aparthousepomorie@gmail.com
GPS: 42°33'44.1"N 27°38'32.6"E


Football summer in Pomorie 2015

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Trading and service of new and second hand cars /vehicles/

Aparthouse Pomorie offers to its customers sale and service of new and second hand cars. “Specta Auto” Ltd is an authorized dealer of Toyota and Lexus trade marks for Burgas Region. It offers an extremely large variety of new and second hand cars. AutoBOX offers immediate service attendance of any kind of trade mark cars. Address : Bulgaria, 8200 Pomorie ... Read More »

Real Estates in Pomorie

имоти в Поморие

Aparthouse Pomorie offers to its customers cooperation in buys- and- sales, hiring, renting apartments, offices, houses, land and any kind of real estate! We submit our customers good advices /suggestions/, which can help them make the best deal for them. Address : Bulgaria, 8200 Pomorie , 7-19 Europe Str. , entr. A GSM: +359 884 003636 E-mail: office@aparthousepomorie.com   Read More »

Dentist – Dr. Konstantin Stamenov

Dentist “Dr. Konstantin Stamenov”, town of Pomorie, 1 “Sofroniy Vrachanski” Street, /next to Reifeisen Bank/, Telephone for connecting: 0885 843231, offers the following services and manipulations: 1. Purifying from tophus and plaque 2. Teeth whitening whitening in the dentist’s cabinet domestic whitening 3. Treatment of dental caries with highly aesthetic photopolymer material /placement of a white tooth seal/. 4. Treatment ... Read More »