02:57 - October 16, 2019

Bulgaria, 8200 Pomorie
17-19 Europe Str., Tel.: +359 899 957 602
E-mail: aparthousepomorie@gmail.com
GPS: 42°33'44.1"N 27°38'32.6"E

Pomorie salt lake

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Healing firth mud is extracted from Pomorie Salt Lake. It’s on of the best in the world.

The city was a prominent medical centre since ancient times. The Romans profited from the curing strength of th emud and that’s why they called Pomorie lake “sacred”.

Mud healing and the modern rehabilitation base make Pomorie an year-round resort.

The lake is a protected ornithological area. The migratory way of the birds of passage “Via Pontica” goes here. The Avocet, the Stilts runner, the Sterna albifrons and the Sea plover nest in the lake.

The sea water is perfectly clean and reaches a temperature of 24-25°C in the summer. The shore is shallow. The beach is covered by fine sand and its surface is 18 700 square meters. It’s 4200 metres long and goes along Pomorie Bay.

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